Open Air Hoops - Opal Matrix - One of a Kind


DIMENSIONS: 3 cm by 1 cm

AVAILABILITY: We have limited stone discs that will be attached to the metal frame of your choice, please allow 1 week for it to ship.

RETURN POLICY: Returns and exchanges accepted within 15 days of receipt and subject to a 10% restocking fee. 

Each of our jewelry pieces is thoughtfully wrapped and comes with it's own handmade palm box to keep your new lil treasure (and others you might already have) safe and shiny ✨

ABOUT THE STONE: Andamooka Opal Matrix
Andamooka Opal is named for the opal field in Southern Australia where it was first found. Andamooka is one of the oldest opal fields in Australia, yet it wasn't until the 1930's that their colorful matrixes were mined. Known for its display of colors, when the opal is found it often a milky white color. It is then enhanced and treaded with sugar, a process in which sugars soak in, and turn the pockets of opal covered in sugar into a black carbon.  The outcome is that the darkened matrix encloses the pockets of opal, which does not diffract light.
While once called Lightning Ridge Black opals by miners attempting to scam buyers, Andamooka treated opals are nonetheless treasured. Enough so to be given the nickname "the Queen's Opal" after one was presented to Queen Elizabeth II on her first official state visit to Australia.