Open Air Hoops - Rhodochrosite - 14K Gold - One of a Kind

METAL: 14K Yellow Gold

STONE: Rhodochrosite

DIMENSIONS: 3 cm by 1 cm

AVAILABILITY: Stock item, please allow 2-3 business days for it to ship.

RETURN POLICY: Returns and exchanges accepted within 15 days of receipt.

Each of our jewelry pieces is thoughtfully wrapped and comes with it's own handmade palm box to keep your new lil treasure (and others you might already have) safe and shiny ✨

Rhodochrosite is a carbonate mineral whose name is derived from the Greek, "rhodos" (rose), and khros, (color) and in its purest form is characterized for its raspberry-pink to red color.

It is also referred to as Inca Rose (Rosa del Inca or Rosinca), as the Incas believed Rhodochrosite was the blood of their ancestral rulers turned to stone. It is the National Gemstone of Argentina, where some of the most important deposits are mined, and is the State Mineral of Colorado, where the Sweet Home Mine and nearby localities produce some of the rarest and most beautiful specimens in the world.