Open Air Hoops - Turquoise


DIMENSIONS: 3 cm by 1 cm

AVAILABILITY: We have limited stone discs that will be attached to the metal frame of your choice, please allow 1 week for it to ship.

RETURN POLICY: Returns and exchanges accepted within 15 days of receipt.

Each of our jewelry pieces is thoughtfully wrapped and comes with it's own handmade palm box to keep your new lil treasure (and others you might already have) safe and shiny ✨

ABOUT THE STONE: Number 8 Turquoise

One of the first gemstones to be mined, Turquoise has long been prized for it’s intense colors, which vary greatly from sky blue to green, depending on the quantities of iron and copper found in it. Even though turquoise is found around the world, the right type of minerals must be in just the right place for millions of years before Turquoise is finally created.This variety of Turquoise, named Number 8 was once mined in Nevada and can no longer be found - making it one of the most recognizable and sought after.

Turquoise's history as a spiritual stone goes back over 7500 years. Whereas Egyptians prized Turquoise as a Life Stone, Native Americans believed the stone brought protection to a rider upon a horse, and great protection in general, especially to turn away the evil eye.  Turquoise was also highly revered in Tibet, where a stone was carried throughout one’s entire life and the material was exchanged as currency, the finest stones being more valuable than gold.