Ideal behavior to extend the life of ALL jewelry: 

Remove your jewelry before washing your hands, applying lotion, perfume or makeup. Using nail polish remover, doing dishes, chopping lemons and tomatoes.

Clean your jewelry gently with a soft cloth and store all pieces in separate bags or small boxes, especially when traveling so as to avoid tangling, scratches and oxidizing elements.

You can swim and sweat in solid Gold jewelry, however remember to take off your Vermeil pieces if you want to preserve their shine.

We coat our Vermeil pieces with the highest content of gold available, 2.5 microns. However, we know rings get a lot of work, and hope you wear them for a long time to come, so for that reason we have a little biannual celebration called BLING SHINE, in which we give our clients the opportunity to send their dull rings to our studio spa, where we polish them, dip them in gold and make the glow again like the first day. Please join our newsletter to be notified when we open the next intake window.